Tree Care Services

Maintenance of tree vigour and health is the most effective prevention and treatment of pest and disease. Healthy trees are physiologically capable of defending themselves from insect and fungal infestations. When a tree becomes stressed from poor growing conditions those natural functions are inhibited and the tree can become susceptible to attack from pest and disease. Bluegum can improve the growing conditions for your tree in the following ways:
    • Soil testing (laboratory) for structure, pH and nutrient deficiencies, with recommendations for treatment.
    • Soil mulching and conditioning.
tree care
  • Introduction of mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria to the root zone. This can increase nutrient recycling within the soil and improve the ability of roots to take up soluble nutrients.
  • Establishment of a fertilization program
  • Establishment of an irrigation regime
  • Pest identification and control (for certain pest types)
  • Pruning to remove dead, diseased and insect infested branches, improve canopy structure or improve safety.
  • Selection and provision of appropriate replacement plants and trees
  • Establishment and care of new plants and trees.

Benefits of Trees

Trees play a vital role in the function and livability of our urban areas. The benefits of trees are numerous, though are often overshadowed by the occasional and preventable problems they can cause. Here is a list of some of the benefits trees can provide to our homes.
    • Privacy/screening
    • Personal/emotive attachment
tree care
  • Create feelings of calmness and connectivity to nature
  • Increase property values
  • Provide background, soften, complement and enhance architectural forms.
  • Moderate the microclimate surrounding your home thereby reducing reliance on air-conditioning and heating
  • Improve air quality by filtering and absorbing pollutants
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Intercept rainfall thereby reducing stormwater runoff and localised flooding
  • Reduce wind speeds
  • Provide habitat for birds and wildlife
  • Improve soil quality through nutrient cycling and root exudates.